Upland Watershed Management & Botany

We have spent our lives cultivating a very precious and important skill set. People en masse, at large in the general societies of earth, do not quite overstand the nature of these skills yet. But just as gravity pulls all water to the seas, we are slowly approaching the paradigm we have been preparing for. And there will come a time when our skills are called upon. Though people are not ready yet, we are and shall be ready once called upon, to enact broad scale societal changes towards a harmonious connection with earth.

Who will take responsibility for telling the worlds descendants, that we did our best not to betray them? Who will take agency and authority for presenting the world as a gift to the children and biosphere of the future?

Syntropic agroecology engineering

What does this term mean?

We now have over a half decade of ground and aerial photos of different sites we have seen. The information contained here is quite dense, and the large image files would make the webpage too onerous to load for you, the cherished viewer. The areas of land we are referring to are the geographic watershed up from a region’s primary drainage. It could be all sorts of biome across all sorts of different titles to land, the particulars of expression vary greatly based on the climates of the earth. We are referring to the wildlands, the wildland-urban interface, even the way land can still be used within urban social cultural sphere. That which is true about large tracts of land surrounding our settlements, be they “private,” “public,” “trust,” “state,” “federal” etc.

The questions you want to be asking are: do I utilize my forest in a sound, aligned way? Is the forest developing in a way beneficially successional? More importantly, how do I cast my lot on the large swathes of “public” land I didn’t know I owned?

How would you like it if someone you didn’t know randomly got a crew of people and ripped up your roof and permit atmospheric energy of winds and rains to enter your household? In essence, this is the same as what crews of young boys are doing in powerful machines. Your roof is the land and water moving in from above you. There is no climate chaos. We are living in someone else’s designed future right now. Some people are wondering about the mystery of extreme natural disaster events? Those of us acting in the old paradigm have sculpted the earth into a barren image.

What are the true nature of naturalized plants, and of invasion biology? Of intervention methods and their effects? How do we reject all pseudoscience and move in concert with source to get where we need to?

Syntropy is the way of nature. It is the way of building and aggregating order being created from the unfolding of genetic potential in the exchange of DNA between living beings. Or called ectopic. Think the antithesis of entropy!

Pay attention to patches. Activities within zones. What grows in our footsteps. How do we take our steps. Do we want to denude the landscape and make worse drought and floods? Or do we want optimize our forestry for inter generational long term old growth benefits? Do we want to destroy by multiple methods abundant patches of wild foods, or do we want to maximize those patches vigor and convert un/mis/ab-used land back to broadacre food forest and create more and greater berry and mushroom patches?

Nuances, subtleties. Triggering conditions, triggering events. Patch densities & dynamics, cascades of blooms. Bio indicators. Landforms, geology. Site specs of all kinds, carbon, electrical, legal. It is a sophisticated game full of details of the charm of natures patterns, littered with the aftermath of the work of modern man’s hands. Nobody can see everything. But we are given many clues for those of us who have their eyes open.

If we cease rampant carnage – with the illegal and unfunctional and horribly ugly funeral pyres that make a mockery of the forest – that is an excellent first step. But most people don’t realize the web of problems here let alone prepared to take a stand on their stake in collective management decisions, the wager of which is the opportunities of future generations.

In general, people are desperately ignorant of how the living world has been siphoned of its life force, but luckily it can be reversed very quickly once people are ready. Nightmare levels of damage have already been perpetuated for centuries, but many people are awakening and things could improve quickly.

Some of us have found ourselves in far remote places, seeking the last vestiges of the old world and dynamical living broadacre life systems. We have learned much having sought them out for so long, yet far far more to learn.