We’re all about integrity, honesty, and general competence.  We’re constantly learning new things,  changing up what we’re doing, and changing how we’re doing it.  It is our belief that as a species we still need to prepare for unknown challenges.  It is non-stop level up until we are required to face what’s waiting for us.   Then, it’ll be straight game time.  We shall see what happens on this fine realm of ours.  We are preparing in many ways, and working to etch the harmonics of life into the landscape.  Reach out if it feels right.

This site and the activity associated with it is maintained by J Smith, pictured below, taken in one of the office spaces of the Northern Rockies PRI.

He is pleased to make your virtual acquaintance, and welcomes you to Smith Mountain.

Here is a token of evidence to suggest that he is, in fact, into what he says he is:

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