Cold Northern Climate Homesteading

Winter Twilight

Homestead Considerations for Northern Cold Climates To homestead is to be in a constant state of reconsideration of values goals and purpose. To always be on the eve and the edge of a new ambition. Characterized by winter killing cold and summer killing drought, northern lands homesteading is actually ripe territory. Ecological Surroundings -Northern climates Cold Northern Climate Homesteading

On youth and action

On Youth and Action I suspect if we had meaningful and well thought out programs to direct the energy of today’s youth (that is, adult men and women early in their career) into positive flows, we could change the whole game for the better and just as quickly as we were able to implement them. On youth and action

Naturalism Checklist

THE NATURALIST IN YOU!! CONSIDERATIONS CHECKLIST Be honest.  No wrong answers.  Rate your knowledge in the categories according to your value system- maybe basic intuition suffices or maybe you want evaluate yourself against each question in a category from 1-10 and add it up to some percentage scheme.  All anyone needs is to be asked Naturalism Checklist