Mainframe Design

First, we have a little chat to see what we’re working with, and then there’s the opportunity for a plant ID walk, forest biome regime ID, a general surveying and hydrological analysis, and design idea generation.  This is easier to do and may be all you need.  Multiple visits could be later arranged to get deeper into site-related details- catalogue plants, detail their edible/medicinal (forest garden) qualities, indicator plants, forest types, basic cartography, forest garden sites, and such. 

If we get along and you like what we have to offer, as a follow up we can draft a multi layered design with recommendation graphics, plans, description, report, and resources- which could include animal systems and food forests.  We specialize in providing plans for optimization of the following variables 

  • Low energy lifestyle elements for resilience
  • High quality of life and connected multifaceted beneficial conditions in landscape
  • Diversity of perennial food production, food forests and general forest gardens
  • water retention landscaping- earth repair surgery
  • Woodland management in sync with human needs, mitigation of natural disasters, earthworks for water retention
  • Simplicity in geomorphological and hydrological landscape maintenance

We can do however a detailed plan you like, and get as many experts involved as need be, depending on project budget.  If we’re ready, we can move to implementation.