Education & Outreach

There are many forms of design, and designs evolve and change to meet changes.  I urge people to become their own designer.  In this way, we are robbing no one of the joy of by having mainframe elements in place as the owner of the system of life evolves alongside and with it.  

Thus, we are looking into the creation of a cheap, acclimatized PDC for the community in the future.  It’s a self repeating fractal that is inclusive in nature and cooperative rather than competitive. We are working to develop appropriate curricula and always welcome new perspectives, critically thought out and demonstrated, to the discussion.  As a community we can make our forests everything we can dream of.

There are opportunities all around to learn more about this kind of stuff. Consider checking programs put out by 

Idaho Master Naturalist

Kutenai National Wildlife Refuge

U of I extension office

Idaho Native Plant Society

Kinninicknick Native Plant Society

Scotchman Peaks

There are also multiple private entities offering classes in the area with respect to organic gardening, etc.

We do outreach through local organizations.  Working to develop online curricula.  Working to get more demonstration sites operational in the area.  Working to find a site for NRPRI.


Just for fun….



Lecturing on patterns & fractals at a PDC