“Permaculture” is a word describing a movement coined by the founders Bill Mollison and his student David Holmgrem in the 70s.  The methods of permaculture are well documented.  Though there aren’t any large, old established permacultural systems for our area, there are a number of interesting sites people have developed, and informed by these legacies I can say there is quaking and tremendous amount of potential for forest gardens and permaculture design in our area.  It is not an ultimate or be-all end-all term, but it is a word that opens up fields of exploration that help people identify and find what they need.


LIST NEEDS WORK.  I NEED TO CONSULT MY LIBRARY WHEN I GET THE CHANCE.  Lots of books. I’ll put up online links too (I have most of it downloaded already since I’m off grid).

Intro level

One straw Revolution – Masanobu Fukuoka

Restoration Agriculture – Mark Shepard

Resilience in cold climate – Ben Falk

Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture – Sepp Holzer

University of ID extension publications for Master Gardener and Master Forest Steward programs

Life in the Cold, An Introduction to Winter Ecology – Peter Marchand


Botany In A Day – Tom Elpel, also Foraging the Mountain West  by the same author

Rocky Mountain Natural History – Daniel Mathews

Plants of Southern Interior British Columbia – Parish Coupe Lloyd

Permaculture, a Designers Manual – Bill Mollison

Edible Forest Gardens, Ecological Design and Practice For Temperate-Climate Permaculture – Dave Jacke, Eric Toensmeier

I’m working on maps of natural resources, wildcraftable plant densities, old fruit/nut trees on abandoned/public lands, NTFP plant catalogues, etc. as well as directory of specialists in permi-industry for our area.