Land A & A, Plant Walk

Land assessment and analysis:


People sometimes offer plant ID walks, but they are often on forest service land or infrequently offered by people living out of the area.  Check out the guide books in the resource section, or the local group to help ID your plants: North Idaho Wild Edibles & Medicinals


Our plant walk identifies and catalogues plants, biomes, forest habitat type, evaluates forest health, general land characteristics, and local micro-climatic effects.  This will help you understand the natural resources already available to you.  For a person of suitable vision and confidence, the scale of advice given at this stage could be enough for them to develop their own meaningful plan and design.

Here is a small snapshot example of what this might look like:

This is a snapshot in time and space.  Much, much more could be said about what we are looking at, and there is much more to look at.  Our land walk would get into the most important details while on field, catered to individual interests and scenario.  Given that this is national forest that no one really manages, the design suggestions are clear: do nothing.  But if this were someone’s land, this could be brought into any number of directions.  This type of analysis reveals much about the land’s natural capitol, fertility and capacity.

Here is a sample of a rather easy to produce collection of preliminary maps of information.  This is what would come before we decide to design a property.  It would be wise to gather this kind of information before purchasing a property if you have any thoughts of designing it.  This kind of report could be done at low expense/time investment – plant ID list not included here.

Points of interest for EXAMPLE property


Here is a document to help get you thinking about what to observe on your property, and the kind of thing’s we look for evidence in the landscape of.