There are fabulous new realizations for what is possible to do with land.  Indeed, the secrets to a renewable, efficient, drought resistant, fire defensive, beautiful world are secrets no longer.  Welcome to a world of Boundary Conditions.  


We focus on solutions that are legitimate in nature and non-rhetorical or speculative.  We focus on biological expressions of a property’s potential,  wielding the tools of ancient wisdom and cutting edge research.  As we progress into the future, do we not want to have fertility and stability in the systems that sustain our lives?  Are such systems not reflections of our own lives?  How, then, could we not wish them to sing and be beautiful?

Our mission is to restore land to its highest form of ecosystemic function and our goal is to fill the planet with life and solve global problems doing it locally.

We offer site assessment & analysis (with or without reports), conceptual design cartography (with or without schematic maps), and implementation guidance.  We also offer rocket mass heater design.


The hey-day of our current model of exploitive economy has past more than a half century ago- ghost towns and dilapidated communities abide, yet we seem to ignore the patterns that generate and sustain these. The forests have suffered many blows at the hands of mismanagement, and people are not trained to see the subtleties of our abuse- concurrently, we have no idea what the land is capable of anymore.  Yet our forests still command health, and we can renewably obtain useful products from them.  We must take responsibility for this and develop an economy of regeneration.  We believe the highest form of human life emerges out of systems that are sensibly designed, characterized by biological complexity and technological simplicity.  A far brighter future is possible even in the spite of looming chaos.

I’ve heard some people refer to our lands around here as being of virgin quality, while others refer to it as a food desert;  clearly, we have disagreement among our views and are held back by our lack of a collective, grounded understanding of it.   I believe it is in food security and ecological well being that we have potential for unification.  Our community is small enough that we can turn the tides.  We can be leaders for the whole country- all international society if we do it well enough… I cannot imagine where our county and it’s diverse energy, if consciously designed, could lead.  The earth hasn’t yet seen what man is truly capable of.  It is only a thin veneer of social policy and custom barring us from actualizing more good than even the evil we’ve done the past centuries.  We could have this world singing with life within a decade.

Maybe you already have heard of and researched permaculture and would like to bounce your ideas off someone.  Maybe you are just getting into it and need some guidance.  Maybe you believe in it, have a budget, moved here to have a harmonious homestead, have a budget and wish to kick off your new life in style with your land.  Maybe you’re an interface with larger biomes and doing broad scale projects.  In any case, we can help.

Behold the tiny sprouts of new growth growing on the remains of an ancient, behemoth tree at the base of a remote mountain temple in the rural countryside of Japan.  A fitting image as one enters into a medieval monastery…