Design Cartography

Our designs are a more detailed look at and codification of the conditions that produce the possibilities and limitations within a property.

Map Making Questionnaire

A design for your property is “mainframe” in nature.  The “mainframe” elements of a system refers to the way water is harvested and stored in and on the landscape, access features such as roads and open spaces, and structures, whether already built or future planned.  Any trained and competent designer should end up producing a similar Mainframe design, which is mathematical in nature as a function of concavity in slopes and valleys in the landscape, soils, etc – this was the revolutionary work of PA Yeomans in the 50s who made a name for himself.  As for enterprises tied into the land, the nature of forest gardens, animal systems, etc, on the next fractal up on design, much is going to vary dependent on what your goals, knowledge, resources, capabilities and limitations, etc, all weave together. 

Mainframe elements have many possibilities.  Water, Access, and Structure can be arranged in a rather-infinite number of ways.  For instance, suitable building site availability in land limits infrastructure expansion- but if you lower your standards enough for what a building site is, to not include intelligent, thoughtful analysis of repeated observations regarding big seasonal events, buildings get destroyed and are an everlasting issue. A well built structure can be worth millions and cost very little to make.  Water can be controlled in a number of ways to prevent erosion and the destruction of a property’s value, mitigate drought and have a healthier, more robust gardening system and diet, provide safety buffers during the inevitable, expanding waves of firebrands in late summer, and much, more more.  Access can be used to harmonize your property with the outside world and itself, balancing your affairs- and as they all line up in accordance with the finest fruits of human wisdom and the highest skill in implementation of technology, the evolution of a microclimate can be restored and perhaps flourish further than it would have had we not intervened.  Mainframe elements are in the first wave of most important things to consider.

Our commentary and services examine such elements of the system we hear the land most preciously wanting to unfold as. Growing systems are the next fractal step down- animal integrated zones, food forests, and such- are a separate layer of more detailed analysis and can be conceptualized and implemented in a space once the mainframe is worked out.  Those imply an important, more minutely detailed balance and account of materials needed for projects.

We look at the physical, involved, and time proven aspects of reality that make us happy to exist, even during intense global societal suffering.  Using tools, services and materials already in existence, we can plan to implement excellent design.  We can be leaders and understand the power of our hands with rightful goodness just like a tactician tricks fate… in one small generation or maybe two, we will either be seriously flourishing or wickedly cursed by the way we pilot earth.  

There are many aesthetics you can have a design suggestion given to you as.  Here are a few small examples.  In this county people rightfully like their privacy so some information is withheld, but people will open up to their neighborhoods or friends and such- there are some well managed properties about if you know where to look. 


The following designs demonstrate a variety of circumstances and a few different aesthetic representations. 

The designs vary, and can includes reports, commentaries, and explanations of possibilities and suggestions.  The ones presented here are condensed, display versions with some info taken out.


This design looks at a remote mountain properties in the Idaho Selkirks, and the design report form beneath the map contains a detailed, formal analysis of what goes into these designs.

Formal Design Report

Graphic art can be enhanced for a showy design- there are many different ways to generate them, softwares to use, and such – but I’d advise against putting too much effort into it if it meant getting in the way of implementation.

This design looks at a rural mountain village outskirts in Portugal.  This one is a video to capture 3d elements, and illustrates another medium we can design in.  Zoom through it to see if you like this format better.

To provide a reference, this is an actual satellite image of one of the world’s leading permaculture demonstration farms, The Krameterhof, set up by one of the independent originators of the theory, Sepp Holzer, starting over 50 years ago.  His landscape alterations are held in the highest echelon of respect by the international community and have been implemented and established for a long time: this is what the landscape looks like.  Their methods are well documented and can be researched at your leisure.  This should provide more perspective on what our design maps are getting at.  



Economic Incentive

I suspect property values will continue to rise- and once this field becomes the norm, having 10-15 years of head-start in establishment becomes a decisive advantage many times over the initial investment of earthmoving, nursery stalk, etc.  It is well documented and the pattern is inevitable to increase as our destruction creates positive feedback loops.  Believe it or not, I am a licensed real estate agent and have spent much time thinking about the many different forms of value, how they relate to land owner and stewardship- and history’s lag in accepting an idea who’s time has come has proved tantamount to human ignorance and malevolence. Streams, ponds, and springs add value already- seasonal streams add a little less.  We are ahead of the game in our services- we create the things that create streams, ponds, and springs.  In many cases, constructing a pond automatically increases a property value well beyond the cost of earthmoving- and is possible on many of our soils around here.  Just as established fruit trees already add property value, in the future food forests, representing diverse, healthy, seasonal and renewable medicine, supplies, and food, will add more.

Give me a religious context, give me a scientific, give me an abstractly logical and ethical, or give me an artistic.  Give me an economic, or a practical reason.  Give me any reason at all- we’ll design it.