I’ve been studying at it for 5 years.  First implementation work was in 2016.  As of 2018, we are online offering our services to the public.

Market gardens, mountaineering NTFP, and forestry grunt work characterized early years in the fields. With time and consulting experience through horticulture extension agency, landscaping committees, and teaching/volunteering through local organizations, I have arrived to an honest and grounded confidence in the services I provide. Representing an internationally unified team of designers, and having designed abroad, I delight in the possibilities found here in our slice of the northern Rockies.  Think global, act local.  The responsibility of the self and of the collective are mirrors.  There are collaborative efforts going on.  Contribute positive energy and it will magnify.

I’ve sought a quiet and peaceful life for some time now.  I would’ve loved to stand in the back corner and observe everything, fading into the mists of history like a shadow.  But the fact is that someone needs to take leadership in this initiative and I don’t want to watch things fall apart more than they already have.  I long for the day my services have become redundant enough in our society that I’m out of business.

Jason PE Smith,  January 2018


Discussing design of a ~5 acre chunk of land for a semi rural Australian eco-village.

Personal website: www.Jasonpesmith.com



Other than the work already done in the field, here’s some other stuff we’ve done.


Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild Board Member – 2018



-Consulted through extension office plant clinic

-Work with a number of farmer’s market producers around here

-Served on native plant society landscaping team

-Licensed Real Estate Agent in State of Idaho : SP46272 

-International landscaping/consulting in Grenada & Australia.

-Farm time in China & Japan.

-Lots of community volunteer through local organizations.

Past work: 

–  Education sector: (teaching college intro physics to engineers, middle school extracurricular math, Stop Motion through private organization, Writing center tutor for college humanities dept, volunteer writing center tutor for high school)

–  Digital Media Sector: Videography, photography, digital lab aid for university library.  All skills we inculcate into our current line of work!

Soon to be certified:



We are volunteering and working in the community all the time.  Feel free to inquire more about any of this.