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Boundary Conditions


Mainframe Scale-indepenant Landscape Management Criterion for a Permanent Culture

Boundary Conditions – To Design Harmonics Atop Fractal Phenomenon

What is it?
Our work regards pioneering and forging new ways of symbiotic life for all elements of a given ecosystem.  We create resilieny and systems that overflow into abundance, and promote a consciousness which persists through ice ages via patterns of integrated harmony into self-expressive ritualistic celebrations encoded in seasonal artwork and diet. With nested self referencing structures evolving alongside universal expansion on such everlasting harmonics, its fractal branching nature of decision making and embodied sense of place, IS the design medium of future crafting. It is a conscious expression of natural function in human livelihoods amplifying and extending edge benefits. Inside a permaculture understanding we obtain the opportunity to cultivate with the natural world deeper forms of genius by building passive catchments of healthful, normative psychological behavioral development patterns of a rather young species. We become participants in the process of evolution, being no longer separate from the depths of nature even in urban settings. We participate in the process of unfolding lands back to maximum state of primary ecological function OR secondary fertility cycles, while retrofitting extractive industry to fit new industrial revolution context. Profitability becomes based off regeneration, being slow and spread out, but ample and resilient. An asymptotical approach of human needs becomes a function of nothing more than atmospherical inputs.  Thus, living harmoniously through permaculture creates local regional and international patterns of cultural industry exchange and ecosystem bioregional dependance cycles.

Based at the NRPRI Corporate Headquarters in Boundary County, Idaho, USA

the Designer

J. PE Smith

Jason is a homesteading animator who runs a mainframe design/consultancy enterprise on the international edge separating USA/Canada.  You may be surprised by some of what we’re up to… and we like to think that the regeneration has just begun.
















J Smith CV (revision)

Services & Solutions



Site Assessment & Analysis

  • Private Education
  • Property walk, native, nonnative and invasive vegetation index.
  • On ground + aerial photography, documentation, surveying, mapping, soils, water & microclimate analysis



Custom Fractal Map Artwork & Research

  • Conceptual Possibilities, Precedents.
  • Researched & Formalized Recommendations, Custom Management Plans based on highest & best practice.
  • Representational Cartography.
  • Implementation Guidance, Resource Networks Facilitating, Ongoing Research.



Implement Design & Create Results.

  • Mainframe – primary arc of fractal of sensible land tenure – Water Access Structure.
  • Secondary harmonics – large tributaries of fertility – forest gardens and animal systems.
  • Tertiary modes – rocket mass heaters, guilds, infrastructure retrofit applications, appropriate technology etc.




Boundary Conditions has maintained pricing structures when working with the private sector to keep collective professionalism and work quality high. Being an ecosystemically-behaving business, Boundary Conditions recognizes the many different forms of value and focuses on these margins.

Annual free consult Opportunities
Barter & Other Exchanges
Different Kinds of Discounts Available
Non-profit, Local, Charity, Public, etc.



Contact Boundary Conditions here
Phone: (952) 457-3555

Conventional Costs

Each site has to be assessed on a case by case basis due to the size and scope of the project, the design time needed, and the amount of travel. It is often in the best interest of the client to contact Boundary Conditions directly to discern these details and the actual costs of a project, especially if there is a specific budget involved and/or a need to complete a project in phases.  We try to remain flexible given the new dimensions of constraints projects are facing these days.


We used to charge $50 USD / hr + travel for standard procedure work.  These days, we encourage bartering, trading, cultivating mutually beneficial relationships, practicing gift economy, and exchange of cryptocurrency. We do not have a fixed idea of what a balanced energetic exchange looks like.  We merely seek to undertake our work on account of the spiritual necessity of it.

Types of Work in Agroforestry education, consulting and design:
Small Business Development
Urban, Rural
Wildland Urban Interface
Fire mitigation
Workshops, On Site Education
Wildcrafting Guide
Small Residential
Large Residential
Dryland Strategies
Flora, Fauna, Fungi companion patterning
Farm, Homestead
Broad acre, microsites
Community demonstrations


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  • I had a dream for my project site, but I lacked a clear understanding of how to actualize it. Jason not only gave me such an understanding, but also helped expand my dream. He opened my eyes to characteristics of my sight that I was unable to see, and to potentialities that I had not imagined possible. Not only that, he also pointed me to resources that have proved invaluable, and gave me the materials necessary to jump confidently into the next stage of my project. Jason’s knowledge is extensive, and his passion for helping people cultivate ecological harmony and agricultural abundance is obvious. Yet despite his ardor and expertise, I never felt at a disadvantage during our consultations. He did an excellent job of listening and adapting his assistance to my particular situation and goals. Because of this, along with the many insights and resources which he provided, I felt genuinely empowered. For that I am deeply grateful. I would recommend Jason’s services to anyone looking to develop something beautiful and fruitful on a piece of land. Ian, St paul MN 2017
  • I have found Jason a willing, enthusiastic grower the past few years. He is quick to understand new information and pays attention to details. Ive used his excellent tech skills on occasion to generate documents, photos, and maps. His grasp of the regional climate and micro climates is good and the appreciation of the vegetable and fruit succession of the seasons, both wild + domestic. My involvement with him has been positive and enlightening. Marsha Moyie Springs ID, 2018
  • Jason's work on our property was in-depth and very illuminating. He took time to pilot his drone above our property so we could take in the parcel and the surrounding area. This was great, as it helped up build context for our future permaculture efforts. He also carefully walked us through each of the micro climates on our parcel and to explore wild edibles and medicinal plants that are in residence. I'm incredibly grateful for his time, knowledge, and attention. His time at our property greatly improved our infrastructure plans and I know his advice and expertise has helped us avoid mistakes. Our garden owes much to his time spent with us. John/Dana Sagle, ID, 2018

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J. Smith
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Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

Contact details
Phone: (952) 457-3555